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SONAX Insect Remover - 500ml

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Sonax Insect Remover
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SONAX Insect Remover effectively penetrates & loosens dense, dried-on insect residue. A simple rinse or mild agitation will quickly remove any contaminants. For best results, apply the product when the vehicle is dry prior to washing. Safe for use on glass, chrome, paint & plastic components.
Direction for use:
Turn the nozzle to the spray position. Liberally spray areas to be treated and let sit for 3-5 minutes. If necessary gently agitate the area with the SONAX Insect Sponge. After applying, thoroughly rinse with water or wash the car manually or in a car wash.

Please note:
Insect residue could damage painted areas and therefore should be removed as soon as possible. Do not use SONAX Insect Remover in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Do not allow the product to dry on any surface. Protect against frost & freezing.

Product Size:
500ml (16.9 FL OZ)


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