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SONAX Liquid Wax - 500ml

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SONAX Liquid Wax
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SONAX Hybrid NPT (Net Polymer Technology) Liquid Wax achieves exceptional long-lasting protection & a high, brilliant gloss shine. Special Inorganic & Organic components bond together during application creating a strong barrier & a very flat surface. Takes only 15 minutes to apply a single coat of Hybrid NPT to a medium sized vehicle
Directions for use:
Wash and dry the vehicle. Prepare the paint with SONAX Paint Cleaner or polish. Shake the bottle well before use. Using an application sponge, evenly apply a thin, uniform layer of SONAX Liquid Wax onto the paint. Always work in small sections and in a single processing step. Allow it to dry for 1-2 minutes. Remove the liquid wax residue immediately using a clean microfiber clothe. SONAX Liquid Wax can also be applied using a polishing machine.

Please note:
Do not use on hot surfaces. Protect against frost.

Product Attributes:
New & Improved formula with Hybrid Polymer Net Technology
Extremely easy to apply - Protect your car in 15 minutes or less for up to 3 months
Long lasting protection & brilliant shine

Product Size:
500ml (16.9 FL OZ)


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