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Sonax Hybrid Wool Pad - 143DA 5.75 inches (143 mm)

Sonax Hybrid Wool Pad - 143DA 5.75 inches (143 mm)

Item #SON-493800


Abrasive pad for orbital polishing machines with 125 mm backing plate. The innovative mixture of natural lambswool and polyester is effective at removing deeper scratches and provides high abrasion capacity with reduced temperatures and splashing. Ideal for use with Sonax Profiline Excut.

5.75 inches (143 mm)

Directions For Use:

Place the pad on the backing plate and apply several small drops of product. Clean the pad by blowing out with compressed air or wash the pad with water and Sonax MultiStar.

85% Wool/15% Polyester

5.75 inches (143 mm)