SONAX Red Hard Cutting/Polishing Pad - 165 mm

SONAX Red Hard Cutting/Polishing Pad - 165 mm

Item #SON-493441


This pad is specifically designed for use with dual action polishers. The beveled edge of the pad allows for more consistent control during the buffing process. The center hole prevents heat build-up and makes centering the pad on the polisher much easier. Best for use during the compounding step to correct severe to moderate paint imperfections.

Please Note:
Use only one product per sponge. The sponge's durability can be significantly prolonged if it is not tilted, and if the polishing is carried out without exerting excess downward pressure. Do not clean the sponge with high-pressure equipment, but leave to dry after polishing. Then, thoroughly spray with SONAX PROFILINE Paint Prepare and squeeze. Afterwards, carefully wash with water and SONAX Multistar.

6.5 inches (165 mm)