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SONAX FLEX XFE7-15 Long Stroke Polisher Kit

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The Sonax Flex XFE7-15 Kit combines the quick correcting power of the long stroke orbital polisher with the superior cut and finish you've come to expect from Sonax.

Kit Includes:

  • FLEX XFE7-15 Long Stroke Orbital Polisher
  • QTY 2 - SONAX Green Medium Polishing Pad 160 mm
  • QTY 2 - SONAX Red Hard Cutting/Polishing Pad
  • SONAX CutMax Cutting Compound 250 mL
  • SONAX Cut & Finish 250 ml
  • SONAX High Speed Wax 500ml (16.9 FL OZ)
  • 3 Pack Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towels


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