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Sonax Actifoam Quart Foamaster Foam Gun Kit

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The power of Sonax Actifoam Energy combined with the Foamaster Foam Gun for serious cleaning action!

Sonax Actifoam Quart Foamaster Foam Gun Kit Includes

SONAX PROFILINE Actifoam Energy - 1L

High dirt-dissolving cleaner with excellent foam for washing cars with a foam gun or cannon. Perfectly suited for use as shampoo, insect remover and rim cleaner. Pleasantly scented, pH-neutral and extremely durable formula can be used on all hard surfaces, including decals and wraps.

Quart Foamaster Foam Gun

The Foamaster's nozzle is constructed of brass, giving it excellent, long-lasting performance and durability. The handle, foaming tip, and reservoir lid are all made of heavy duty plastic, and the reservoir itself is chemical resistant polyethylene. This industrial grade foam gun is used by more detailers and enthusiasts because it's built to last. Multi-ratio Stem - The multi-ratio stem gives you five settings so you can adjust the dilution ratio of your shampoo.

The Guzzler Waffle Weave by Cobra 16 x 24

The Guzzler features a plush, 80/20 waffle weave that increases its surface area for greater moisture absorption. The towel measures 16” x 24”; that’s nearly 3 square feet of plush fabric.  The Guzzler is ideal for drying your vehicle after a nice foam wash.


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