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SONAX Pump Vaporizer
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SONAX Pump Vaporizer is an empty vaporizer capable of holding 1500 ml. It features an adjustable spray nozzle and is safe for all Sonax USA products.
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1500ml (50.7 OZ)


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SONAX P-Ball Spongeis ergonomic polishing ball for polishing or wax application. Simplifies polishing and simultaneously improves the polishing results.   Directions for use: Slightly moisten...
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SONAX Spray & Seal Instant Shine Coating is a great compliment to any car enthusiasts' product arsenal. The easy-to-use formulation incorporates a unique Hybrid Polymer Technology that provides...
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Highly effective SONAX Wheel Rim Shield with self cleaning properties due to the dirt repellent finish on the treated surfaces. Reliably protects all aluminium, steel, chromed and polished wheel rims...
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Double action. Use the yellow side of the sponge to remove moisture from the glass. For anti-fog effect, wipe with the blue side afterwards. Provides anti-misting effect and dries with one wipe...
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SONAX Care Pad for Plastics for applying care products to plastic parts in the car's interior. The pocket and it's special form make reaching areas difficult to access easy.   Maintenance...

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