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SONAX Paint Protection Package

SONAX Paint Protection Package

Item #SON-KIT-50


SONAX Paint Protection Package features Polymer Net Shield, one of the industry’s quickest applying paint protection products.

Kit Includes:
11.5 oz. Sonax Polymer Net Shield
Sonax Polymer Net Shield is a cutting-edge aerosol-based spray sealant that takes minutes to apply and lasts up to six months! Sonax Polymer Net Shield is formulated using advanced German technology to provide a level of paint protection that used to be exclusive to liquid paint sealants. Sonax Polymer Net Shield takes just minutes to apply and your paint will explode with color and depth like you’ve never seen before!

3 Pack Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel, 16 x 16 inches
The Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel is a super soft, medium-nap microfiber towel that was designed to be used with your favorite spray wax. Featuring a scratch-free silk border and loop-less microfiber pile, the Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel makes application of spray waxes and spray sealants easier than ever. This premium microfiber towel reduces or eliminates the common causes of streaking and hazing that some spray waxes and spray sealants commonly display.

Directions for use:
Before sealing, the paint should be clean and dry. Simply apply the product directly to onto an application sponge or spray directly on the paint surface, spreading evenly. Treat only a small area at a time. Next, polish the surface with the dry side of a microfiber towel to obtain a deep shine and a perfect streak-free finish. Repeat until all surfaces have been protected.

Please note:
Do not use on hot surfaces and do not let the product dry on. If the product has dried, it can be removed by re-applying additional product. Keep from freezing.

Features and Benefits:
Protects the paintwork by means of a resistant network made from organic and inorganic components.
Protects up to 6 months.
Can be applied quickly and easily.
Intensively freshens up the colors.
Produces a silky, smooth surface with an outstanding drip off effect.
The optimum complement to paintwork sealing with SONAX Nano paint protect.
Product Size: 340ml (11.5 FL OZ)

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