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SONAX PROFILINE ExCut 05-05 - 250ml

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SONAX PROFILINE ExCut 05-05 - 250ml
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SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 is a coarse abrasive paste for orbital polisher processing and sanding down scratched or locally sanded paint layers. SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 has a powerful removal rate with a simultaneous high-gloss level. 
This product is for those tough, deep scratches that hand polishing or mild abrasives can't remove; It will tackle any job, big or small, to ensure that your heavily swirled and scratched paint will be restored to its once lustrous shine!

Directions for Use:
Wash and dry vehicle.
Clay the vehicle to remove above-surface contaminants.
Equip your dual action or rotary polisher with the appropriate foam or wool pad.
Apply 2-3 dime-sized drops of SONAX ExCut 05-05 on the outer edge of the pad.
Set your polisher to a low speed to start. Starting off slow and working your way up is best practice to ensuring you do not overdo it.
Working on a section no larger than 12 x 12 inches, polish the area using firm downward pressure and a slow arm movement. Polish the area until the compound turns clear. Turn polisher off and remove residue.
Repeat steps over the entire vehicle.



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