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SONAX Dirt Eraser 2 Pack

SONAX Dirt Eraser 2 Pack

Item #SON-416000
SONAX Dirt Eraser 2-pack is a fine-pored, highly condensed, multi-purpose sponge. Excellent for removing stubborn dirt deposits from plastic components in car interiors (i.e. scuff marks, shoe polish, etc.). Eradicates wax and polish residue from unpainted exterior plastic components (bumpers, styling strips) and rubber. Also, works great with SONAX Leather Foam for deep cleaning leather interiors.
Directions for use:
Moisten the SONAX Dirt Eraser with water and clean the stained areas by rubbing gently. After application, differences in brightness between treated and untreated areas might appear. These can be quickly and easily eradicated by treating the affected surfaces with SONAX Trim Protectant or SONAX XTREME Plastic Restorer Gel exterior.

Please note:
Do not use on paintwork or on a varnished or painted plastics.