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SONAX Clear View Windshield Wash Concentrate - 8.45 FL. OZ.

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SONAX Clear View Concentrate is a highly concentrated cleaning additive for the windshild washer unit. One bottle of the concentrate yields over 6 gallons of cleaning fluid. Removes insects, oil, grime, silicone and dnagerous dazzling films without streaks. Ideal for high quality XENON headlamps and light diffusing plastic headlamps in clear-lass optic. Fresh fragrance. Comes in a practical bottle with dosing chamber. Phosphate-free.
Directions for use:
Hold bottle upright. Unscrew the cap a quarter turn. Fill the dosing chamber with 20 mL of concentrate by squeezing the lower part of the bottle. Unscrew the cap completely and add the contents of the dosing chamber to the reservoir water. 20 mL are sufficient for 1/2 gallon of water. For larger containers use a correspondingly greater amount of concentrate. The bottle contents will yield 6 gallons of cleaning solution.

Please note:
Protect against freezing.

Product Attributes:
Saves storage space.
Removes insects and oil safely.
Fresh scent.

Product Size:
250ml (8.45 FL OZ)


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