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Sonax Fallout Cleaner

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SONAX Fallout Cleaner is acid-free which makes it safe on car panels to chemically remove rust deposits. Simply spray on & watch the contaminants turn red as the formula pulls the brake dust and industrial fallout safely from the painted metal or plastic trim.

Acid-free and pH-balanced removal of stubborn rust contaminants on painted and plastic surfacesChemically removes brake dust and industrial fallout from the vehicle's exterior panelsColor-changing indicator identifies contaminants and gently removes them from the vehicle.

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Direction for use:
Wash the vehicle. Turn spray nozzle to spray position. Spray undiluted SONAX Fallout Cleaner onto the areas to be treated. depending on the extent of soiling, let sit for 3-5 minutes out of direct sunlight. As the product reactsto the contaminants, you will notice the cleaner turning red/purple as it begins to breakdown the residue. Spray again and wipe over with a soft sponge. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse with clear water. Repeat treatment in case of stubborn or heavy residue.
Please note:
Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto hot surfaces. Do not allow do dry. Do not use on painted surface without clear coat( single stage paint). Protect against freezing.
Product Size:
4 X500ml (16.9 FL OZ)