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Sonax Labor Day Exterior Giveaway



It’s giveaway time! Get your hands on our Sonax Labor Day Exterior Giveaway. Here’s what you can expect from this $65.00 value:

Gloss Shampoo: a highly effective, phosphate free formula that penetrates and loosens tough dirt without damaging or stripping the protective layer.

Tire Gloss Gel: tire restoration and conditioning formula from the chemists at SONAX. The innovative gel formula penetrates the tire surface hydrating and revitalizing the rubber.

High Speed Wax: a highly effective, protective spray wax that is easy to apply and long lasting. The formula includes a blend of carnauba wax (protection) and a special silicon emulsion (shine) that delivers a streak-free, high-gloss finish.

Wheel Cleaner: highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced rim and wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels, including aluminum and alloys

Microfibre Cloths: a professional standard cloth for the highest requirements necessary, especially sensitive surfaces. Leaves no residues or wipe-induced scratches after final polishing

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Car Waxing Tips

Spring is here and your car deserves the best attention possible. Washing your car is the first step, but waxing your vehicle puts the icing on the cake. A nice wax not only intensifies the color of your car, but offers an effective way to make the paint last longer.

Follow these simple tips to give your vehicle the ultimate wax:

Where To Wax- Avoid waxing in the sun is the most obvious tip. The intensity of the sun will harden the wax on your car very quickly. Indoor waxing is ideal. It can be done in a garage, which offers shade and the certainty that the temperature will be not too hot and not too cold.

Applying Wax- Apply about a half dollar size of wax to a clean, damp sponge. Avoid putting too much wax on the sponge. Liquid waxes such as the Sonax NanoTechnology Liquid Wax can be applied in a straight-line direction.

Waxing- Wax your car in sections. Don’t attempt to wax the entire car in one round. Try splitting your car up into 2 sections. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth to hand buff and to avoid scratches in the clear coat. This ensures a brilliant finish every time.

Buffing- The circular motion is most effective when buffing. Simple!

Double Waxing- Double waxing is a special technique that the pros use to give vehicles that extra shine.  Wax with a synthetic, buff it out, then follow it up with a layer of carnauba wax. This technique will give your car the “showroom” shine. 

Streaking- If you get a streaky finish, fill a spray bottle with distilled water and add a half teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Once you spray the surface, wipe clean. This will remove any hazing and streaking.

Give your car the ultimate shine by applying a nice wax, and for more tips, visit the Sonax blog.


Protect Your Vehicle From the Rain

Being in the midst of fall season calls for protecting your vehicle from the rain.  It’s inevitable that fall is associated with rain and we can often times neglect the exterior of our vehicles because of consistent rainy days.  But in hindsight, this is actually the best time to put more focus on cleaning your vehicle before the winter months occur.  So how do you preserve the cleanliness of your exterior when rain is in the weekly forecast?

Here are a few tips on how to protect your exterior:

  • Wash your car often: Washing your car regularly decreases dirt build up caused by rain and assists in the preservation of your car’s paint.  Plain and simple!
  • Protect your car with wax: Waxing your vehicle offers a sealant to the paint, which maintains the look of a freshly washed car. It also prevents rain from leaving your vehicle spotty. The Sonax High Speed Wax will do the job. It offers a long-lasting blend of protection and shine that leaves your vehicle with a streak-free, high-gloss finish.
  • Clean your wheels often: Rain can corrode your brakes when they’re not cleaned frequently and mixed with brake dust. If you’re looking for wheel and tire solutions to prevent brake dust and wheel corrosion, check out our SEMA Show Special Promo Kit running from 10/30-11/2.

Don’t let the rainy days be an excuse to neglect the exterior of your vehicle. If you’re looking for great products to tackle any weather condition, we offer a great line of detailing products.

What kind of wax application is best for you and your vehicle?

The amount of car wax products on the market is overwhelming. To keep your car looking great and protect your expensive paint job, purchasing a quality wax product is key. Continue reading “What kind of wax application is best for you and your vehicle?” »