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Ceramic Coating is finally here!

IMG_3575We are very excited to announce that the SONAX Ceramic Coating CC36 arrived in the United States last week! This products requires NO special training or equipment! SONAX Ceramic Coating CC36 bonds to paint surface giving providing a glass-like finish but flexible long term protection with exceptional resistance to UV light and chemicals. Also provides protection to aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar, and street and industrial pollution. The surface gets super hydrophobic, acts dirt repellent and obtains less maintenance effort due to “Easy-to-Clean” effect. Gives an incredible deep shine with impressive color intensity. When properly cared for, provides protection up to one year.

Check out these two videos:


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Black Friday Specials from SONAX

BlackFriday_2015 b

Black Friday 2015 Products

Save on Our 3 Biggest Sellers!

SONAX Polymer Net Shield – Save $7 Off Retail!

Features and Benefits:  Watch video here
- Protects the paintwork up to 6 months by means of a resistant network made from organic and inorganic components
- Can be applied quickly and easily
- Produces a silky, smooth surface with an outstanding drip off effect

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus – Save $5 Off Retail!

Features and Benefits:
- 30% Stronger than SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect
- Acid-free and pH balanced, Environmentally-friendly formulation
- Sprays on clear, turns red as dirt & grime is penetrated
- Safe for use on wheels: aluminum and alloys; painted, anodized and clear coated 

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect – Save $4 Off Retail!

Features and Benefits:  Watch video here.
- Acid-free and pH balanced, Environmentally-friendly formulation
- Sprays on as Green fluorescent foam, turns Red as dirt & grime is penetrated
- Safe for use on wheels: aluminum and alloys; painted, anodized and clear coated 

Buying a Used Car? Restore it to Like New Again!

SONAX sigRecently, I’ve been looking to upgrade my winter used car. Being in the car care business has jaded my views of the used car market. Now when I look at a car, I notice all the details. To me, if the previous owner didn’t take care of the paint, wheels and interior, what did they do to the engine?? One of the most remarkable things when shopping for a used car is the salesman’s pitch. DISCLAIMER: not all car salesmen are alike; no offense inteded. However, during the process, the salesman inevidably says something about the shape of the car. I can’t help myself when I blurt out “It needs a serious paint correction, wax and sealant, the seats need leather foam cleaning and don’t even get me started on the wheels and tires!” Sigh…

If the car is sound, you can fix most of the surface flaws. If you own a rotary or orbital polisher, try SONAX Perfect Finish. You’ll love the results! Minor scratches disappear and the product is silicone free. If you don’t own a machine, try SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer and SONAX Polymer Net Shield and you’ll still get great results bringing the paint back to life. For interiors with leather, SONAX Leather Foam will clean and protect the leather surface without leaving any film. For cloth seats and carpeting, try SONAX Upolstery & Carpet Cleaner. Alcantara? No problem! Use SONAX Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner. SONAX Dashboard Cleaner will make quick work of a dirty dash! Previous owner a smoker or smell like mushrooms? Use SONAX Car Breeze to freshen the interior and give it the new car smell!

And speaking of used cars, here is a link to a great review of a Ferrari FF by Chris Harris posted recently on Autoblog. Two exceptional things about this review: one, it’s actually HIS car and two, it’s a USED car! Too many times I read glowing reviews on new cars. Of course they’re glowing…it’s a NEW car! It’s refreshing to read used car reviews — something most of us can afford (not necessarily this Ferrari!) — but you get what I’m say. Plus, you’ve got to love a Ferrari that you can haul your mountain bike! One of my favorite quotes from the review is “Sometimes you have to do stupid things because you want to do stupid things.” Buying a used car isn’t stupid, but not giving it a proper detail is. Be sure to use SONAX products for all your detailing needs!

What is paint measurement, how do you do it and why is it important?

g826I recently read an article posted from Detailed Image by Ivan Rajic called “Paint Measurements & What They Mean” that I found interesting and thought I would share here on our blog. While most professionals know and understand this measurement, I’m sure many (including myself) do-it-yourself-ers do not. I really liked the tip that he gave that you should inspect vehicles that you’re considering purchasing as well!

Once you know you’re paint’s thickness, turn to SONAX products for polishing and paint correction! HURRY! Take advantage of our August’s special: Buy SONAX Liquid Wax & SONAX Paint Cleaner, get a SONAX Car Wash Shampoo FREE! SONAX also has a complete professional line of paint correction and polish products and tools!

Getting Ready for the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis

Mecum_Auctions_Block_Logo-(1)It’s a busy month of May in Indianapolis for the SONAX Team! Just coming off of the inagural Indianapolis Grand Prix weekend and gearing up for the Mecum Auction. Today, we were at the newly renovated Indiana State Fair Colisuem setting up the SONAX booth. Can’t wait for the auction to start tomorrow! Lots of beautiful cars!! If you’re coming to the Mecum Auction, stop by the SONAX booth and say hello! If you can’t make it to Indianapolis for the auction, you can follow their live Tweets. The Indianapolis 500 as well as the SVRA event are right around the corner!


New Product: SONAX Car Wash Shampoo


314500-Car-Shampoo-Refill-5LSONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate is a highly effective, phosphate free formula that penetrates and loosens tough dirt without damaging or stripping the protective layer. The special anionic surfactants within, adhere to dirt particles and act as emulsifiers absorbing and dissolving oil droplets. SONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate is safe for all finishes and leaves a brilliant, clean shine to your paint surface every time!  Click here to order today or here to watch video!

Product Attributes:

  • Brilliant, Surfactant-rich Formula
  • Gentle on Paint Surfaces, Won’t Strip Wax
  • Thick Lathering Action and Pleasant Scent
  • Phosphate Free, ph-neutral Formula


Item: 314600 Product Size: 5L

Also, still available in 1000ml size. Click here to view.

New Product: SONAX MultiStar


627600-Multistar-Refill-10LSONAX MultiStar is an ultra versatile, universal cleaner, for exterior & interior surfaces. Strong enough to clean tough areas such as wheel wells and engine compartments, but is also gentle enough to clean almost any interior surface without staining or adverse effects. Safe on any interior surface except clear plastics (instrument panel cover, nav screen) & leather. Click here to watch the video or here to order today!

Item: 627600 Product Size: 10L

New Product: SONAX Perfect Finish

224141-Perfect-FinishThe same great product but now also available in a 250 ml tube! SONAX Perfect Finish is an innovative paintwork finishing polish that provides an initial deep cut, then diminishes to a high gloss, resulting in a hologram-free paint surface. “Like-new” results can be achieved in a single step. Silicone-free formula is an excellent choice for paint and body shops. Based on extensive test results, SONAX Perfect Finish is by far, one of the most flexible compound/polishes. Works equally as well on German clear coats, Asian OEM clear coats & domestic paint finishes. Click here to order today or here to watch the video!

Item: 224141 Product Size: 250 ml Tube

Also available in 1000ml: Item: 224300

New Product: Wheel Cleaner Plus

230241-Wheel-Cleaner-PLUS230705-PLUS-Wheel-Cleaner-25LSONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS is the latest formulation for fast and effective removal of stubborn brake dust and road grime. The powerful wheel cleaner is 30% stronger and works much faster than SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect. PLUS sprays on clear and turns red almost instantly as it begins to work. Because it is acid-free, Wheel Cleaner PLUS is safe for use on all wheel types and will not damage or corrode wheel bolts. Click here to order today! Available in 500 ml trigger (Item 230241) and 25L (Item 230705).

Product Attributes: 

  • 30% Stronger than SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect
  • Acid-free and pH balanced, Environmentally-friendly formulation
  • Sprays on clear, turns red as dirt & grime is penetrated
  • Safe for use on wheels: aluminum and alloys; painted, anodized and clear coated  

New Product: SONAX Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner

206141-Alcantara-CleanerSONAX Upholster & Alcantara Cleaner is a brand new formulation developed especially for vehicles with Alcantara seats and accessories. Dirty & matted Alcantara will be brought back to it’s original vibrant colors and soft, suede feel. SONAX Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner is also safe and effective on carpets, textiles & standard upholstered seating and interior surfaces. Click here to order today!

Item: 206141 Product Size: 250 ml

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