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SONAX Polymer Net Shield Does It Again!

223100_SONAX_PNSThere was an interesting discussion recently on Autogeek’s Forum regarding SONAX Polymer Net Shield (click here for the thread). While I have used this product both ways, the application sponge is the most efficient and cost effective way to apply PNS. I have used this on my car and was amazed at the performance. Here in Indiana and garaging my car daily, the application and tight beading lasted about 8 months. This reminded me of an earlier blog post so I decided to re-post it below. Here is the post from February:

Click this link to see some amazing photos of SONAX Polymer Net Shield on a cool red paint job. StamGeek’s post on Detailing World shows some great beading action! Thanks for the post, StamGeek.

SONAX Polymer Net Shield is a polymer based sealant that creates a bonded layer of protection against the elements. The application is quick & easy; takes only 15 minutes to treat a medium-sized vehicle. The sealant achieves excellent water repellency for up to six (6) months. WATCH VIDEO HERE


Features and Benefits:

- Protects the paintwork by means of a resistant network made from organic and inorganic components

- Protects up to 6 months

- Can be applied quickly and easily

- Intensively freshens up the colors

- Produces a silky, smooth surface with an outstanding drip off effect

- The optimum complement to paintwork sealing with SONAX Nano paint protect

Related Products:

SONAX Application Sponge, Item No. 417300

SONAX Microfiber Cloths, Item No. 450700


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Could SONAX help the new Fast & Furious 7 Movie Cars?

180100_SONAX-Easy-ShineWhether your a fan of the movie series or not, you have to admit that the cars in Fast and Furious are awesome. The theme of car racing/chasing scenes, much like Bond films, never get old. Recently, there was a post on Autoblog about the upcoming Fast & Furious 7. It included a pretty cool behind the scenes video with the movie’s car coordinator, Dennis McCarthy. OK, how cool would it be to have a job like “car coordinator” for a movie production??

If anyone knows Dennis, please tell him about SONAX products. We’d be glad to do an on-site demo! We would recommend our SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus, SONAX Brilliant Shine and SONAX Glass Cleaner for starters. For direct sun, nothing makes a car shine more than SONAX Easy Shine. Plus, you never know, with all that wax and less drag, it may just make the cars go faster!

Cars in Costume for Halloween

SONAX_HenryIn the spirit of today being Halloween, here is an article from Hagerty about vehicles wearing costumes! Their top 10 list brought back some great movie memories!

No matter if you want to dress your car up for Halloween or if you “come as you are”, using SONAX products can prevent your interior and exterior from becoming a Nightmare on Elm Street! For the exterior, remove scary bugs and their residue with SONAX Insect Remover and SONAX Insect Remover Pad. From there, exorcise brake dust with the popular SONAX Wheel Cleaner! Then disguise your vehicle with a blanket of suds by washing with SONAX Car Wash Shampoo. After, dress up the finish with SONAX Easy Shine or SONAX Polymer Net Shield!

Interiors don’t have to be a horror story! Get the dust demons off your dash with SONAX Dashboard Cleaner. Using SONAX Leather Foam on your leather seats or SONAX Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner and it will be all treats and no tricks! Before you’re finished, a quick spray of SONAX Car Breeze will keep eradicate most any spirit!

I hope you enjoy this article and have a safe Halloween!

American Cars: Love Them or Hate Them

Sept-Promo_webI recently read an article from Autoblog called “Top Reasons to Love or Hate American Cars“. They sited V8 engines, outlandish style, attainability, historical significance and racing success and the pros and cons of each. They also give examples of cars for each such as the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette (my current desire) and Tesla. 

As a baby boomer that has owned more than one’s share of cars, I can make a case for both as well. While the look and features may draw me to a car, at the end of the day for me, it comes down to reliability and maintenance. First, when I get in a car, I expect it to start, drive without issues and get decent performance. Second, when something does go wrong, I expect to get reasonable service at a reasonable rate. Those two things said, if I can turn a head or two while driving, that’s not all bad either! One way to do that (even in an economy car) is to keep my ride clean and sleak. Using SONAX products does just that. I’m not one that wants to spend every weekend cleaning my car, so both SONAX Polymer Net Shield and SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer keep my car’s surface slick and clean. When it does rain, the beading from using these products help the water sheet right off. Both products are on sale this month…click here for the special.

WC-FE-vs-WC-PNext, using SONAX Wheel Cleaner (either SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect or SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus) couldn’t be easier! Just spray on a clean, dry wheel, wait 5 minutes and rinse off. Wheels are free of brake dust with little to no scrubbing! Gotta love that. Don’t believe me? Check out the video here.

One of the newest products introduced is SONAX Easy Shine. I keep a bottle of this in the car for a quick wax. One of the best things about this product is you can use it in direct sunlight without streaking or drying. Comes in handy when I’m out and about and notice a little spot that I missed earlier.180100_SONAX-Easy-Shine


Ask a Pro: Shop Life vs Mobile Life

Pros and consWe here at SONAX have detailing clients that are mobile detailers as well as run their business from a shop. I recently read an article posted on Detailed Image by Eric Schuster of Envious Detailing regarding the pros and cons of shop life vs mobile life. I thought Eric’s article was enlightening since he’s ran his business from both sides. Hope you enjoy the article!

Product Review: SONAX Plastic Restorer Gel

210141_SONAX-Restorer_GelRecently, there was a nice review of SONAX Plastic Restorer Gel on the Autopia Forum “5series.net”. For those of you unfamiliar with the product, you can read the description here.

I personally love this product. In addition to restoring the plastic luster, it also adds a water-sheeting property to the plastic. Recently, I used it on my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The before and after were truly amazing! The tube size is easily managed and the product is very easy to apply with an application sponge or a microfiber towel. Since application, the Jeep has gone thru several washes and the luster is still strong.

Now is a great time to apply SONAX Plastic Restorer Gel to protect from the fall and winter elements! Buy yours today!

Product Review: Brilliant Shine Detailer

brilliantshine_transparentZach McGovern recently reviewed SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer on Detailed Image “Ask a Pro Detailer” site. Zach noted, “If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enhance the gloss and protection on your vehicle, Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer is a fantastic option!  I really enjoyed using this product and was very pleased with the results.”

Read his full review (with photos) click here. Or to order Brilliant Shine today, click here. To watch a video of the beading action, click here.

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