Waterless Washes
Posted on January 12, 2015

brilliantshine_transparentIt’s been a while since Mike Phillips from Autogeek posted this article on their forum “How to Wash a Classic Muscle Car” discussing keeping your classic ride clean and waterless washes. He brings up an interesting point. He states:

“Washing a classic muscle car, or any classic or antique car using a hose and bucket flushes the car with a lot of water. Here’s the problem… the water gets everywhere and by this I mean into places you cannot reach to dry and this creates a potential rust issue.

“As a professional courtesy and as a professional “Best Practice” I don’t wash classic, antique or muscle cars and I don’t even use rinseless washes on them, I use waterless washes.”

The article is a good read and has step-by-step photos.

Our “waterless wash” is SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer. While not a true “waterless wash” it does offer a cleansing alternative when water is either not available or not desirable. For instance, WINTER! I keep a bottle and clean microfibers handy in my garage for a quick wipe-down after driving around in the salt and road chemicals. It’s convenient, offers long-lasting protection and produces an extremely smooth surface (increasing color depth & shine). Check out this Facebook post showing the beading from SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer! And here’s another post on a forum/YouTube. It’s also an excellent compliment to waxes and sealants such as SONAX Polymer Net Shield.