How To Ruin Your Car Paint: The Top 5 Culprits
Posted on May 15, 2012
It’s a tough task protecting and maintaining the quality of your car’s exterior. We often hear complaints from car enthusiasts about the frustrating and unavoidable culprits that destroy the paint on their vehicles. How To Ruin Your Car Paint: The Top 5 Culprits Here is our list of the top 5 culprits that will damage your car’s paint and our simple solutions.
  1. Sap. Did you know that sap was originally used for glue? We recommend that you do not wipe sap off when it’s still wet. A cheap bottle of bug remover will do the trick, followed by some SONAX Liquid Wax.
  2. Bugs. We understand that it’s nearly impossible to come home from a long drive without thousands of bugs splattered across your windshield. Bugs are acidic, which means that you must wash your car as soon as possible with a high-quality paint cleaner.
  3. “Wash Me.” Not only is this embarrassing, but when someone writes “wash me” on your car it may never go away. Once you clean this off, the dirt will act as sandpaper and will cause the marks to last longer. Consider wiping down your car everyday to prevent dirt from accumulating… or simply keep your car clean!
  4. Bird Droppings. Bird dropping is disgusting and very acidic. Similar to cleaning bugs off your car, wash the bird droppings from your exterior as soon as possible. A soft microfiber cloth will also help.
  5. Sprinklers. Minerals from your yard’s sprinkles will bond to your car’s paint and will often cause water spots. Simply try to avoid parking your car near any sprinklers.
The only way to prevent paint damage is proper maintenance with high-quality products. Always keep a good coat of wax on your car. Our premium car care products are easy to apply and will help you prevent these culprits from damaging your car’s paint. Visit our online store here. Click here to purchase any of our high quality car care products. // //