Hand washing your Vehicle; The Do’s and Dont’s
Posted on November 21, 2012

Running your vehicle through the carwash is the convenient solution to a clean car; but is it the right solution?  Hand washing your vehicle is the best alternative for cleaning your car.  But a proper hand wash is the ultimate key to the perfect wash.  Here are the do’s and don’ts to a correct hand wash:

Cleaning Products:

Don’t use ordinary soaps that you find laying around the house.  These types of products contain harmful contaminants and can be abrasive to the paint of your vehicle.

Do use professionally tested products such as our gloss shampoo concentrate to give your surface a beautiful finish.

Pre-soak your wheels with the Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect. This removes deep penetrated dirt & grime and gives your wheels the ultimate shine.

Washing your car:

Don’t wash your car in direct heat or sunlight.  This could ultimately increase your workload and will inevitably leave spots on your vehicle.

When hand washing, don’t move your sponge in a circular motion.  Doing so will create very tiny swirl marks in your paint.

Do rinse your surface completely to remove any built up dirt or debris. Focus on one area at a time, then transition to the next. This will give you enough time to rinse each area before the soap dries.


Don’t air-dry your vehicle.  Leaving a wet car sitting can cause watermarks and ultimately leave your car looking the way it did before you washed it.

Do use soft terry cloths for the drying needs of your vehicle.  We offer a great solution; Sonax Microfibre Cloths.

Make sure you’re properly hand washing your vehicle to get the results you deserve. For your exterior needs, be sure to check out the Sonax Premium Exterior Car Wash Kit.