Benefits from Waxing Your Vehicle
Posted on February 6, 2013

We here at Sonax believe that hand washing your vehicle is the only way to wash a car.  It gives you one on one time with your car, you can clean areas that the car wash will miss, and if done properly, it will prevent scratches; this results in higher value of your vehicle. But within the personal detailing of your vehicle, waxing may be one of the most important steps.  So how will your car benefit from a nice wax?

  1. Car gets dirtier, slower: A major benefit from waxing your car is that you won’t have to worry about washing it for a while.  If done properly/permitted weather conditions, a nice wax will give your exterior a shine that will last for weeks.
  2. Scratch Protection: Cars will experience regular wear and tear from daily use; the harsh reality of owning a vehicle. But if you’re a fan of the traditional car wash, then a nice wax will visibly eliminate exterior wear and tear, as well as swirl marks caused by the car wash.
  3. Overall Look: Lets face it! A waxed car looks better, period. It brings out the brilliant shine of your car that a traditional car wash wouldn’t.
  4. Paint Protection: Depending on your geographic location, the paint on your vehicle can benefit from a nice wax. Wax gives UV protection and prevents paint discoloration.

Here’s what we recommend:

 SONAX High Speed Wax is a highly effective, protective spray wax that is easy to apply and long lasting. The formula includes a blend of carnauba wax protection and a special silicon emulsion shine that delivers a streak-free, high-gloss finish. SONAX High Speed Wax is also ideal for maintaining and protecting plastic convertible tops.

 Consistency matters when it comes to waxing. To see long-term benefits of waxing your vehicle, it’s recommended that you wax your car once every 6 weeks.  Stick to the routine and proper products to give your car the care it deserves.  For more helpful car care tips, check out the Sonax Blog.